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Get Social for American Education Week

Here's how you can use social media to spread the word and celebrate your school and your colleagues November 18-22.

November 19-22 marks the National Education Association’s 98th annual celebration of American Education Week. This year we want to use social media to demonstrate how much we appreciate the educators who nurture and support each and every student in our schools. To join us, just snap a picture that represents your appreciation for public schools and all who work in them and post it to your social channels using #AEW2019 or #WeLoveOurESPs.

Celebrate By Site

  • Twitter: NEA Today will be tweeting the latest and greatest news about our national and local AEW events. Be sure to use the hashtag #AEW2019 or #WeLoveOurESPs and follow our feed.
  • Facebook: NEA Today’s Facebook page will announce our lineup of activities, promotional materials, tools and resources that will help you celebrate AEW.
  • Instagram: Post a photo of what your “edutopia” looks like and use the hashtag #AEW2019.
Download artwork to update your social media profile.

Sample Social Media Posts


  • Happy American Education Week! Our public schools are here for each and every student. Everyone is welcome and all deserve the support, tools, and time they need to learn.
  • It’s American Education Week! We love our public schools and the educators who inspire us. (Share a picture from your school that shows how your school is open and welcoming to all students.)
  • Happy American Education Week! We honor the team of people who work with our students. The classroom teacher, the bus driver, the cafeteria worker and administrative staff. Thank you!


  • Happy American Education Week! Our public schools welcome each and every student. Everyone deserves the support, tools, and time they need to learn. #AEW2019
  • It’s AEW2019! We love our public schools and the educators who inspire us. Join our celebration, we are 98 years young and have welcomed generations of students. #AEW2019

Day by Day Ideas

Monday, November 18: AEW Kick-Off Day

  • Happy American Education Week #AEW2019! Check out our resources at
  • Change your profile image to celebrate #AEW2019 & show your support for quality public #education.
  • Retweet if you agree that EVERY student deserves a quality public #education. #AEW2019

Tuesday, November 19: Parents Day

  • A shout out to all the #parents out there who play such a critical role in student success. You all ROCK! #AEW2019

Wednesday, November 20: Education Support Professionals Day

  • Happy Education Suport Professionals Day! Thank you to all the ESPs who ensure safe, clean, and healthy learning environments for students every day.  #WeLoveOurESPs #AEW2019
  • Education support professionals make a difference in the lives of students both inside and outside of the classroom. #WeLoveOurESPs #AEW2019

Thursday, November 21: Educator for a Day

  • Got what it takes to be an Educator for a Day? Check out these @NEAToday experiences. #AEW2019

Friday, November 22: Substitute Educator Day

  • It’s Substitute Educators Day! Use our resources to celebrate the great work these individuals do. #AEW2019
  • What happens when you have to be absent? Here are a few tips to help prepare #AEW2019

Saturday: We have more!

  • It’s not too late to celebrate American Education Week! So how about a quiz? It’s not high stakes! :)


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