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Use This Guide To Access More Resources

NEA has laid out a vision to transform public education that requires redefining the federal role in education. Our June 2008 report, entitled “Great Public Schools for Every Student by 2020,” emphasizes that the federal role should focus on equity, opportunity, and targeted assistance to underserved communities.

This Federal Policy Guide adds more detail to this broad framework by identifying many of the federal programs and policies that are needed for school transformation. In addition, each issue section of the Guide also notes a few of the many ways in which NEA and its affiliates are working for change.

Detailed, up-to-the-minute information is available on a wide range of federal education legislation, regulation, and policy at NEA’s Legislative Action Center:

NEA looks forward to working with the new Congress and administration. We stand ready to provide resources and input into the decision-making process. We are committed to school transformation, to making every public school great for every student.