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Teachers at Iftin Charter School Reach First Contract!

On July 12, the Iftin  Charter School Board voted to ratify the tentative agreement that represents the first union contract for employees at Iftin Charter Schools and officially brings them in as members of San Diego Education Association (SDEA), CTA, and NEA.  This represents a long and hard fight that began nearly two years ago.  The bargaining team had been at the table for more than a year and were able to win significant gains for the educators at this school that includes raises, a salary schedule, lower dependent healthcare costs, and core rights - like dismissal for cause and binding arbitration.

The bargaining team stayed up through the night working to get an agreement and finally finished at 1:17 a.m. The next morning, the educators reported to school in the morning with tired eyes, but very bright smiles.  The main page picture is of the bargaining team on the early morning when they reached a TA.  .

Charter school organizing is a NEA Center for Organizing (C4O) long term project where SDEA, CTA and NEA are working together to bring non-union charter educators into the union. 

Iftin Bargaining Team
(From left: Nick Stavroulakis, Natalie Vozely, Sharlene Houston
 Maya McClure and Rob Charlton)