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Decision Time

A Message from NEA-Retired President Tom Curran

As summer ends, and our non-retired counterparts prepare to resume the work of providing a quality education to our nation’s public school children—regardless of their parents’ incomes or education, or the ZIP code they call home—our nation faces a decision.

Will we continue to work for progress, or will we fall into a cycle of fear and division—one that could undo strides made by previous generations?

Like you, I spent a lifetime helping young people move forward. The only choice I see is the one that will move our nation forward and protect our work to strengthen public schools.

And I was filled with gratitude when NEA Executive Director John Stocks asked members of NEA-Retired to stand, and credited us with making NEA the organization it is today.

Let’s make sure our past effort hasn’t been for naught, and that our forward progress will continue. Hillary Clinton stands with educators, and it is time for us to stand with her. Just as important, we must stand against any governor or state legislature that could harm public education.

As we gear up for this history-making political battle, remember that America is already great. Let’s keep it that way and elect an experienced, mature, and responsible president.

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