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Curriculum on Unionism and the Common Good

National Education Association Unionism Training

“I rejoined the union because I believe that with the power of numbers behind us we could fight for better teacher pay, bring down our class sizes, get special training in various professional development areas, and much more. I joined because I also cared about my colleagues. I hated seeing first year teachers leaving because they couldn’t make ends meet money-wise or they didn’t feel welcomed or supported. I joined to make a difference for those teachers so they will stay.”

  • Joseph Daily
    Member in Yuma, Arizona


The training below is designed to help all our educators and members feel the way Joseph Daily described above. If you’re trying to reinforce or move to an organizing model, this is the training for you. If you struggle with connecting the bread and butter work of the association with NEA’s history and values as a social movement organization, this training is for you. If you want to draw clear connections between our values as educators, the work of the NEA as a union, and our capacity to build power and effect change, this training is for you.