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Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)

NEA Higher Ed represents faculty or staff at more than a dozen HBCUs in the U.S., including institutions in Pennsylvania, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Missouri, and Washington, D.C. These union members are working hard to protect the legacy of HBCUs, advance their HBCU missions, and ensure excellence for their HBCU students.

NEA HBCU Institute

Learn more about participating in our HBCU Institute ( PDF, 775 KB, 1 pg.) where we’re collaborating with faculty and staff to build a pipeline for success for our HBCU students who aspire to careers in public education.

The HBCU Faculty Salary Gap

In this one-pager, ( PDF, 7.69 KB, 1 pg.) from the NEA Higher Ed Advocate, find out how faculty pay at HBCUs lags behind pay at similar institutions, and how unionization can help.

HBCU Funding

Check out the latest research, produced by NEA Research, on the persistent inequities in HBCU funding. The first brief, “The Establishment and Maintenance of Such Colleges, Separately,” looks at the history of land-grant institutions, including the first HBCUs, while the second brief, “A Looming Crisis for HBCUs?” dives deeply into the federal funding sources of HBCUs—and their lingering inequities.

Unionization at HBCUs

In this article from NEAs Thought & Action journal, HBCU professor and union leader Elizabeth Davenport explores trends in unionization at HBCUs.


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