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NEA Civic Academy Toolkit




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The need for local education associations to build strong alliances with parents and community members has never been greater than it is today. Associations with strong, consistent parent and community relationships deliver large, student centered wins. “Civic Academies” are the name the National Education Association (NEA) has given to a special kind of parent and community organizing committee, although they go by many names in the places where they have been built.

Civic Academies create a permanent community organizing committee structure that is designed to maintain relationships beyond any one campaign. This allows Association leaders and staff to develop community leaders’ organizing skills just as they would any other key Association leader. It also allows local associations to lay the groundwork for the community component of a campaign well in advance of the major points of compression during the campaign.

Civic Academies connect analysis with action, grounding the work with a focus on organizing around issues that transcend a single campaign. This deeper analysis should be grounded in research about the ways that the economy, tax policy, and school funding harm students, educators, and their communities. This analysis also allows local leaders and community members to see how these economic structures create and exacerbate racial inequalities in their community.
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