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Best of Works 4 Me: December Holidays

Teaching Tips, Ideas and Strategies for the Holidays


Humane Gifts - Service Project

Carol K.

Instead of exchanging gifts with each other at school,  Ms. K.’s school community conducts a project that benefits the local humane society. The kids love it! 



Holiday Writing

Alison Murphy, a sixth-grade language arts teacher in New Jersey

This bookmaking activity for the week leading up to winter break includes writing essays, poems and word puzzles. Best of all, the finished product makes a great gift for a family member!


Holiday Gift Exchange

Sandra Brockel, a fifth-grade teacher in Virginia

In Ms. Brockel's unique gift exchange, students are not matched in pairs, the entire class participates (even those  not able to buy gifts) and everyone enjoys the gifts for the rest of the year!

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