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Homework Club

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I have a 'homework club' on Fridays during the last hour of the day. Everyone who gets all their work done is in the club. Those that have 'chosen' not to get it done have the hour to finish all their work. Those students in the club play games, have ice cream parties, watch movies with popcorn, do fun things with clay, have pizza, etc. Everyone wants to be in the club, but it is up to them to be there. As soon as their work is completed, they can join. Exclusion from the club is not punishment; it is a chance to catch up, so on Monday there is a clean slate. I've done this for 10 years and it always works. The nice part is I'm not the bad guy, because all responsibility lies on the student. I want them to have the fun time. I start out the week letting everyone know what good things will happen on Friday, so they are ready. I have a sign in the front of the room that states 'those who do the work, get the goodies.'


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