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I Read, You Read, We Read

Found in: language barriers; vocabulary

If you’re working with a younger student who speaks very little English, the biggest thing you need to remember is vocabulary. Buy many pads of sticky notes and, as you are adding vocabulary words, write it on a sticky note and place it on the 'thing.' When you are talking about the table, write the word 'table' on a sticky and place it on the table. Your room will look very decorated, but it works.

Also, a good strategy that I used was, 'I Read, We Read, You Read.' I had two ESL boys (different languages) work with this strategy and it really seemed to encourage them. We would choose a passage and first I would read it while following along with my finger. Then, we'd all read it together. Then, I would have the boys read it by themselves. We used low-level books to start with but worked our way up.

One last thing to remember is model as much as you can. Do some writing and as you read it aloud, have them copy it. This 'immersion' in the English language will really boost their skills. Use this Table of Contents to find more ESL ideas.