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If the Shoe Fits

Found In: arts, artistic design & composition, back to school, icebreakers

One of the most memorable activities I do on the first day of school is to have my students donate one shoe as they come into the room. Before recess, we sort those shoes in as many ways as time permits. Kids enjoy looking for patterns and guessing how shoes are sorted.

Some sorts are:

  • tied/untied,
  • brands,
  • color,
  • types of bottoms,
  • left/right,
  • number of eyes,
  • buckles/ties/Velcro.

The kids enjoy leading the sort.

As a final project they group their shoes in an interesting fashion, and then table groups describe how they are organized. They then draw the table's shoes or their own. If they have only two colors, the artwork is amazing. I mount them and have a great bulletin board.



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