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In-School Suspension

Found in: discipline; routines & procedures

I used to run our after school suspension program. No sleeping, doodling, etc were permitted. If students didn't have any work with them, I assigned some. I got copies of worksheets of review skills in math, or worksheet activities from the Internet, and sometimes teachers gave me extra copies of worksheets they had left over. For some of the 'repeat' visitors, I got work from their teachers. For the English limited speakers, I got appropriate materials from the ELL teacher. I would also get some word finds, and if students had been on task and productive, then for the last 30-40 minutes, I let them choose a word find to do (sometimes with vocabulary words specific to our school).

The program was effective ... students went back to their teachers and said, 'I don't want to go back there again. She made me work.' An in-school suspension program can be made more effective if you monitor with a small chart. Check each student's work every 10-15 minutes and give him or her a stamp on a daily record sheet that shows they're staying on task. (I heard this one from a teacher who ran the middle school ISS program.)


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