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Insect Collection

Found in: environmental education; science

I have my students build an insect collection as part of an entomology unit. They are required to collect insects (no more that two individuals of the same species) and group them according to order. They must also mount each insect with a pin and a small label on each pin giving the location of capture, climate (or ecosystem, i.e. grassy area, wet marshy area, dry w/sparse vegetation, in a tree canopy, etc.), and give the common and scientific name for that individual insect.

I use a rubric to evaluate. I have my students do a minimum of 5 orders with at least 20 species represented. I count for quality as well as quantity. This activity could be adapted in that students could study population densities of certain types of insects that are sensitive to climate and temperature changes. My students find this activity challenging but enjoyable.


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