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Inventors’ Center

Found In: arts; science; creative thinking; supplies

To encourage budding artisans, scientists and inventors in my classroom I have a bookshelf designated as “The Invention Center.” On one shelf I keep basic tools such as scissors, pencils, markers, a hole punch, tape, glue and a stapler. The other shelves are filled with cast-off boxes, paper towel rolls, washed out milk cartons, plastic lids, pieces of cardboard, construction paper scraps, straws, pipe cleaners and craft sticks.

I invite parents to help me keep our center well-stocked by sending in their old boxes, clean socks, egg cartons, etc. Students may use the center during free-choice time. I am often amazed at the variety of inventions my students come up with. They have created puppets, vehicles, baskets, robots, jewelry, buildings and more!



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