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It Can Be

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When I have some time at the end of the day, I play “It Can Be” with my class. This is a math game played with flashcards.

Each flashcard has a number on one side and an addition equation on the other. To begin, a child holds up a flashcard and shows the number to the class; the child then calls another student, who must provide the equation.

For example, if the card has the number 17, someone called on might say, “9 + 8.” If the flashcard says 10 + 7, the child holding the card would say, “It could be, but it’s not.” If the card says, “9 + 8,” the child holding the card would say, “It could be, and it is.”

The children have to give the problem exactly as it’s written on the card. If a child gives a completely incorrect answer such as 9 + 6, the response is, “It couldn’t be.” The child that answers correctly gets to be the next one to hold up the flashcard. This is a great activity for enhancing math thinking skills.


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