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Laminated Kisses

Found in: back to school; building trust & community; icebreakers

One of the neatest things I do on the first day of school is read the book, The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn. It is a wonderful book about a little raccoon that has to go off to school for the first time and how his mom and he deal with it. It really helps the kids feel more comfortable and it kind of helps switch the focus of the nervousness of the child over to how their mom or dad feel. When we focus on that it puts some responsibility on them to be big and brave.

I also use a small raccoon puppet when I read, and let 'Chester' (the main character) give every one a kiss on their hand. As an extension, my aide and I trace the students' hands on half of a sheet of construction paper and then send them home with a note asking the mom or someone to make a lipstick impression of a kiss, write a little love note, and then send it back to school. I laminate them when they return and the children have it to keep in their box as long as they need to remind themselves of their mom. Some will visit it several times to help them feel more comfortable!


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