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Liquid Nails

Found in: classroom setup; posters & pictures

Two big problems in my classroom used to be the lack of storage space and keeping posters and charts from falling off my walls when they were put up with tape. I solved both problems with one solution - a tube of liquid nails and a bag of clothespins.

Before school started, I used the liquid nails to fasten clothespins neatly all around my classroom walls. They are perfect for putting up posters and charts in a hurry. I also can fasten a piece of butcher paper here and there so that groups can go to different areas of the room to record their solutions to problems.

As for storage, I use large zip lock bags fastened to the pins. In them I store measuring tapes, pattern blocks and all sorts of puzzles for students to use before class begins or if they finish a test early. This system is wonderful for organizing my manipulatives.


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