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Listening Skills Activity

Found In: lining up, listening & following directions

Here's a listening skill activity I use on and off all year. Make sure kids know left from right and top from bottom. They should know mid-point or center too. Give them a blank piece of 8 1/2 11 paper. Tell them to put their pencil at a point on the paper (I usually start with a specific corner) and draw a line 'up to' or 'down to' and then leave their pencil at that new point and draw another line 'from' or 'to'.

I start with what turns out to be a simple triangle or other shape, and get more complex as the year passes. With seventh and eighth grade I use a diagonal direction as well as up/down and left/right. The kids have to listen carefully and follow each step. When I hold up my copy (I draw it myself as I give directions) of the shape, they usually laugh if they goofed or feel pretty good if they followed. It's light-hearted but not as easy as it sounds.


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