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Making Book Covers

Found In: artistic design & composition, book making, reading, summarizing

We do “Beautiful Book Covers.” I usually have the students choose a classic book from the school library to read. Often they are aged books that have bare or no covers. The students are to change these ugly books into beautiful books by designing book covers for them.

They have to make an appropriate cover with title and author displayed. On the inside front flap they summarize the book and do research to learn about the author. This information goes on the inside back flap. The back is used for them to give their personal opinion and rate the book. This is where they give themselves credit for the work done. I have these laminated, and the librarian codes the covers. These then become part of our library collection.

I change the type of book from year to year, but students are always pulling them off the shelves to see how much the book was enjoyed by others.



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