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Managing Behavior

Found in: tracking behavior

Here are two tips for keeping track of good and bad notes on students.

Take a blank monthly calendar - you can make your own if you have Print Shop. It doesn't take that long to fill out the dates each month. Then on the days you have trouble with students or students do something neat, list their names on the square for that particular day with a one or two word reminder of what they did. It's very easy at the end of the month to look back and see how the month went.

Another method I have used (taken from a magazine) is to take the very small post-it notes and write the child's name and the date with the comment. Then stick the note inside a file folder. This is great, but you may still want to go through this every month so you don't get over-noted!

I have used both of these methods, and they work equally well, especially when parents want to know how things have been going for their child that month.