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Many Safety Strategies

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We are a K-3 school with a student population of 400, located in an area of suburban poverty with nearly 600 apartments, many of which are Section 8, mixed with low-end single family homes. The student population changes 50% every two years. Our poverty rate is 63% and our minority population is 53%.

Here's what we've done to create a safe environment:

  1. Our students wear a uniform standard of dress-blue or khaki pants, skirts or shorts and a white shirt with collar, red, white or blue sweater.
  2. We play classical music on the intercom before and after school.
  3. Outside windows are bullet proof.
  4. Only the front doors are unlocked. All others are kept locked at all times.
  5. Staff and volunteers will soon wear photo ID.
  6. Outside lighting has been increased and maintained.
  7. We employ an interventionist who is stationed at the main office to query any adult or teenager who enters the front door. He also deals with students who are out of control and immediately removes them from class.
  8. We have an automatic 5-day suspension and referral to a psychologist for any child who threatens to kill anyone.
  9. We have an automatic suspension and police referral for any child who brings a weapon of any kind to school.
  10. We automatically suspend and refer to the police any child who engaged in fighting.
  11. We enforce strict rules that children never touch each other except in friendly contact.
  12. Our crisis plan with code word ensures that teachers go into 'lock down' mode should any crisis arise.
  13. Children never go anywhere alone - always in two's.
  14. Our staff are devoted to children, teaching, and learning.


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