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Math Facts Bingo

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Using a bingo game, I pass out bingo cards and plastic number covers to each student. (I allow faster students to take more than one card.) Using the entire blackboard, I draw one horizontal line from left to right a few inches from the top. Then I draw four vertical lines from top to bottom, dividing the width into five equal sections. Across the top, I label each column with a letter B-I-N-G-O. Now, I spin the spinner and when a number is chosen, I do NOT call it out. Instead, I say the letter and make up a math problem that will result in the number indicated on the spinner. I write the problem on the board under the appropriate letter. Students may call out answers but I don't write anything down until I hear the correct one. Then I reinforce the correct response by saying something like, That's right. Three times five is 15. B-15. This stays up on the board throughout the game for anyone who missed it and to provide a check for anyone who has a bingo. We play until we have three winners and have small prizes for winners. I find that problems should start out simple until students get swept up in the game and then become more challenging. My students love it!


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