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Math Scrabble

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To reinforce understanding of critical math vocabulary, we periodically play Math Scrabble. I write 16 random letters on the white board and assign a point value to each letter. Next, I divide the class into teams of three students each. I give them five minutes to find every math word they can make out of the 16 letters.

Each team must choose a spokesperson that can identify a correctly spelled math word and its total point value. If the team can accurately define the word, they get five bonus points. If they misspell the word, miscalculate the total point value, or define it incorrectly, and they are challenged before the next team takes its turn, they forfeit the point total and/or the bonus points for their word.

The game reinforces the importance of knowing math words, correct spelling, and teamwork since everyone is working on a piece of the puzzle. We have a lot of fun, and they always beg to play more!



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