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Math and Management

Found in: math, motivating students, parent-teacher communication

I use a checkbook system for my classroom management. It ultimately serves more than one purpose. We review basic addition and subtraction without tedious worksheets; it keeps the practice ongoing, it teaches some real world skills, and encourages responsibility. Students get their own check registers and are awarded points daily (usually 5).

Points are given for:

  • coming to class prepared with materials,
  • having completed homework,
  • keeping a positive attitude, and
  • attempting work.

If points are lost, it is recorded in the comments line. For example: -1 HW for incomplete homework. Once every two weeks, students may go to my 'store' to purchase pencils, erasers, homework passes, extra computer time or lunch with the teacher by writing a check to me. At that point, registers may also be sent home for parents to see the record of student performance!



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