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Memorizing Math Facts

Found in: math; motivating students

I've finally hit on a system that helps my students memorize math facts. Each week we go over a set of 10-12 math facts. I give each student a manila envelope and a dozen scratch pieces of paper. Students copy the math facts one side and write the answers on the back, then put them all into the folder. I give the class five-minutes a day, a few days each week, to study them.

Finally, I go around the class and have students, tell me the answers. I mark the ones they know by heart with a Mini-Stampers Marker. That child then staples the marked cards together to take home and returns the others to the envelope. The students that know all the facts can then go around the room checking and marking other students' cards. This system allows us to keep adding harder problems and not have an avalanche of small pieces of paper falling all over the place.



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