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Morning Spelling

Found in: language arts; routines & procedures; spelling

Every morning I have a morning message written on the whiteboard to do after our calendar activities. We read this message together. Then I have written on the board next to the morning message -- Let's find:

  • Compound words (We circle the 2 words in the compound with red marker.)
  • Number words (we write the numeral above them);
  • Contractions (we circle them with green);
  • Two letter words (we put a blue box around them);
  • Number of sentences (we look and circle the ending punctuation marks);
  • Word endings such as ing or ed ,etc. (we circle the ending with...);
  • The words that begin with a capital (we circle them and tell why we need a capital letter);
  • Color words;
  • Spelling words;
  • Words that begin or end with th, sh, ch, etc.

We don't do all of these every day, but I pick and choose what I want the students to practice. Students enjoy choosing their friends to go up and circle, underline, etc. I can give extra practice on any skills that need work. It goes fast, because the kids are eager to find the answers. I use this almost every day. I put a colored square after what we are looking for, so they know what marker to use. I don't have to say what color. Sometimes I let the helper of the day choose the color. There are so many ways to do things! Have fun!


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