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Morning Worksheet

Found in: routines & procedures; time management

After feeling stress from being bombarded with notes, stories and questions one too many times first thing in the morning, I created a morning worksheet. The morning worksheet contains material I want to cover in the class meeting but am unable to start right away due to the 'bombardment.' The students try to answer the daily math problem, a problem solving question, computation, daily analogies, daily geography and daily oral language as well as write to the morning prompt. The students receive a score for neatness. The students even helped me create the scoring rubric! The results are neater work and more attentiveness. It's a quick review for all and the 'gifted' students know that they can 'show' they knew the answers and don't feel punished by wait time or not being selected to share. Now I have a few crucial moments in the morning to respond to the notes, at least read them, and listen to the story about a student's mother being in the hospital!


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