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Teacher Uniforms

Found in: building trust and community, dress codes

I have chosen to wear a uniform look to coordinate with my students' attire, and it's given me a deeper understanding of the kids' various points of view on uniforms, including sometimes being a little boring. I invested in one navy twill skirt and one khaki; two pairs of slacks, one navy and one khaki; and four white shirts with an embroidered logo of my own choice. I have four pairs of red shoes (I feel like Dorothy.), including one pair of red sports shoes. These clothes dress up or down with no trouble.

I meet parents, conduct meetings and classes, play baseball, and crawl around on the floor. I wouldn't go back to the way it was. Every weekend I run my four shirts to the laundry ($10.00) and do the skirts and slacks at home as necessary. There are no decisions to be made about clothing except what fits the weather and the day's plans. My students are much more willing to wear their uniforms. Since the students see that I take pains to make sure my clothes are clean and neat, they have taken significantly better care of their uniforms than last year's students.


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