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Teaching Life Skills

Found in: artistic design & composition; creative thinking; communication & collaboration; problem solving

I instruct students in linear measurement by creating a biscuit quilt. The students are first introduced to the ruler and how to measure to the inch. Upon mastery, they are given the directions for making their quilts. Now the fun begins. They have to read directions, figure out amounts of fabric, make a list of all the items needed, prepare a budget, and plan a trip to the fabric store.

Careful thought must go into the selection of fabric, as they have to coordinate at least three designs. Precise measurement is critical, as they need to create a template for each square and figure out how to correctly measure the borders. They have no directions. All they have are their measuring skills and the knowledge gained based on the experience of making the quilt. It's fun watching them account for seams and borders.

As they quilt, the students learn important life skills such as following instructions, planning, cooperation, patience, and many others. After the quilts are finished, they challenge themselves further by creating pillows with the left over fabric. Many students give their quilts and pillows to their mothers for Mother's Day.


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