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Team Folders

Found in: distributing & collecting papers; homework

I learned a system from a wonderful mentor many years ago that serves me well. I never spend class time handing back papers, I never lose papers, and handing in papers is quick and a team effort. The system also covers getting work back to absent students, and even getting messages and make-up work to students returning from an absence.

My students are seated with, and work in teams of four. This team changes every 4 1/2 weeks or so. The team shares two lab tables that are pushed together. Each team has a 2-pocket folder (a different color for each team) and box of supplies labeled with the same color. The left folder pocket is for handing papers in (or ongoing team work, so if any team member is absent, they are not keeping the team from proceeding), and the right pocket is for graded work that needs to be picked up. The pockets are labeled accordingly, and the front of the folder is labeled with the class hour.

Student helpers gather the folders at the end of the hour and to put them out before class starts. The first team members to arrive for class usually take charge of sorting the graded work and giving this to teammates as they arrive. If students are absent, their work will be kept for them in the right hand pocket until they return.



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