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Tell It to the Frog

Found in: routines & procedures

I got tired of hearing a student shout, 'I'm going to tell the teacher!' so I decided to put a large two-foot stuffed frog in charge. I tell the students that if they have a complaint they have to tell it to the frog (unless they have a medical need). The students write down their complaint and put it in a bowl next to the frog. The frog responds to them later in the day.

During my break time, I read the complaints and respond in writing. For example, if a child writes, 'Sally is being mean to me.' I would write back: 'Frogger says it's okay to ignore people who are being mean to you. If they are truly your friend, they will come by and say they are sorry later on.' The kids love writing notes to Frogger, and the notes have decreased the amount of tattling going on in the room.