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Traveling Files

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I have to keep student work organized because I am a traveling teacher. Several years ago, I bought a large box of colored file folders. Each semester I make a red OUT folder, green IN folder and a yellow HOLD folder like a stoplight. I also have a blue MAKE UP WORK FOLDER for each class.

I know at a glance if a student has turned in work or not by looking in the folders. I put all handouts for the day and any notes for absent students in the blue makeup folder. When students say they are missing a paper, or ask if they missed anything, I just look in their blue folder section. The students know that if I have the work from them, it's in one of these folders. I move the work from the IN to the OUT folder to be returned as I grade papers. At the end of the class block, I pick up all the papers for the class that are in my basket and place them in the green IN folder for the class.

This color system also helps when I take papers home to grade. I only have to grab the green and red folders and I have all the student work to be graded and recorded. The yellow HOLD folder holds papers and work that I want to keep for later, like book cards, personal information, really great papers that I want to talk to the students about and papers to keep for parent/teacher conferences.


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