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High-Interest Mini Lessons

Found in: Interdisciplinary Lessons, Informal Knowledge Acquisition

Laminate ANYTHING that you purchase for bulletin boards or games...anything that the kids will touch or use or that you will use multiple times for units.

I did a lot of extra add-on lessons to extend reading and science and social studies lessons. I used National Geographic magazines to teach research and Ranger Rick for younger kids. I tore out pictures of honeybees and their life cycles, Monarch butterflies to teach about their migration in October, wild turkey pictures in November, etc. There is a ton of information in National Geographic and Ranger Rick or Zoo books, whatever you can find. Laminate the pictures with some additional information and you have a high-interest mini-lesson right in your hand.

If you're in teaching for the long haul, your collection will grow and cost next to nothing. I stored the mini-lessons in monthly folders to make them easy to find. It was perfect for the five minutes before lunch, or waiting for the music teacher to arrive. I used them successfully in pre-K, K, first, and second grade. Kids always seem to care about animals. For me it was quicker and easier that looking things up on the computer.


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