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Improve Communication with Free PDF Maker

Found In: parent-teacher communication; parental involvement; technology tools

I have found over the years that the more information and help a parent and student can find on your Web site, the less difficulties, emails, phone calls and struggles there will be during the year. My Web site has, in PDF format, all handouts, worksheets, lectures and items I use in my classroom. This has allowed parents to be a team partner in educating their student.

CutePDF is a great tool for converting Word files — or any other document that can be printed from the Windows environment — into PDFs. And the cool thing is that it is free. Download and install the PDF Writer and Converter, which are available at CutePDF, and you’re off and running. Just select CutePDF as your printer, and save the newly created PDF file where you can link it to your website.

Instant access for your kids and their families for just a few seconds of work.

Another tool to consider is PrimoPDF.  Drag and drop a file onto PrimoPDF


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