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Low-Cost and Free White Board Erasers

Found in: Cleaning Supplies, Whiteboards

After viewing some ideas on cutting classroom supply costs, teachers Ellen and Rhonda Q. had these suggestions:

Ellen: “I made myself a set of 30 dry-erasers! I bought a cute basket and three colored T-shirts at Goodwill for a grand total of $4. I cut up the shirts into about 10 pieces each (who cares what shape they are) and I take them home to wash with my rags and towels every two to three uses.”

Rhonda Q: “We have a lost and found at school. All of the gloves and mittens that are not claimed, I use them for erasers for my dry-erase boards. I also laminate my chart paper to write my daily lesson plans on. I am able to erase with the gloves all of the lessons I taught and keep the ones not taught, saving paper and time and using the gloves to erase with.”


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