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Musical Motivation Across the Curriculum

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Music teachers can have a tremendous, positive impact on students’ success in reading, science and other subjects at the elementary level. One great way to boost their success across the curriculum is by organizing musical performances based on thematic units and collaboration with as many other teachers as possible.

For example, there are a number of theme musicals for elementary teachers which fit right into an elementary curriculum. A music teacher would not have to look too far to find songs on nearly any subject in order to write a theme musical. Of course, music teachers must concentrate on preparation of the music with the students, but collaboration at all times with the teachers involved will produce a unity that benefits the entire school. The more people who are involved in the preparation and presentation of the final music presentation, the higher the interest and motivation will be for the students.

Parents can make an outstanding contribution with handling sets and costumes whether it is for an all-school program or simply a classroom presentation. Teachers often know which parents to ask to help and often don’t mind organizing an explicit set of activities provided they are given freedom to do it their way.



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