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Summer Snowball Fight

Found in: Back To School, Icebreakers, Learning Students' Names

On the first day of school I pass out half sheets of paper to each student and have them answer three different “about me” questions (has to be something that they are willing to share with the class and is school appropriate). Once everyone is finished, I instruct them to crumple up their papers as if they were going to throw them away. Then I explain that on the count of three we are going to have a summer snowball fight (of course I have to give them a few rules about how to throw/not throw and where not to throw) that will last approximately 15 seconds.

Once they throw their “snowball,” as soon as they see one on the ground, they have to pick it up and continue throwing it until the time is up! Once the time is up, they grab the closest snowball to them, uncrumple it, and read it. Next, I give them about five to ten minutes to “interview” each other and figure out who their snowball person is. When they have found their person and someone has found them, they are to sit in their seats so that I can gauge how much longer they may need.

When everyone is finished, a volunteer stands up and introduces their person by reading their snowball that they wrote about themselves. Then that person stands up and does the same for the next. They absolutely love it, and for high school kids who think they have “seen it all,” it really surprises them!

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