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Teaching Current Events with C3 Inquiries

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I truly believe engaging students in current events and other cultures creates well-rounded citizens. Recently, I discovered an amazing tool from C3 Teachers called Inquiries that allows me to incorporate current events into my classroom instruction. The Inquiry Design Model (IDM) is an instructional research-based framework including:

  • engaging questions that support students in framing their inquiry;
  • summative, formative, and additional performance tasks providing opportunities for communicating conclusions; and
  • subject-matter specific sources allowing students to explore questions, build content expertise and develop skills to defend ideas.

“I am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban” affected me so much that I read a passage from the book in conjunction with an IDM on children’s rights to show my students that they have rights and a voice.

In “Do People around the World Care about Children’s Rights?” the first page of the inquiry shows Malala Yousafzai winning a Nobel Prize for her advocacy work in education equality for girls in Pakistan and around the world.

The IDMs are a great tool and resource for building well-rounded citizens in classrooms. More importantly, students are able to analyze and articulate how their ideas and perspectives change as their inquiry unfolds.


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