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The Bell Game

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When I taught kindergarten, one activity the kids enjoyed, as it taught them the importance of silence, was what I called the “Bell Game.” Take a small handheld school bell, and tell the kids they have to pass it around the circle without letting the bell ring. First have them pass it to the person next to them, and then challenge them to get up and walk with it across the circle to another person.

It is amazing how focused and quiet they become. Giggles ensue when someone rings the bell, so restart the game and challenge them to see how long they can go without it ringing. When teaching, I reminded them they need to be as silent as the bell. It seemed to keep their attention and the noise level down.

We also talk about using “6-inch voices,” meaning they cannot talk louder than someone to hear them from 6 inches away. Sometimes they need to use “3-inch voices.” It does help keep the volume down.



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